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DIY Live Wreath Tutorial

How to make a live Christmas wreath.

Things you will need:
26 gauge Florist Wire 11 pieces 15” or longer
A wreath frame
Cut greenery

We’re Using a 14” wire wreath frame. You can find them at craft stores in the florist department.
Next the Greenery!
There are many great evergreens that work well for wreath making.
Are just to name a few.

On this wreath we’re using juniper, boxwood and holly. We like to cut greenery 6-12” long for wreath Making. Cut each type of greenery a different size. For example:
juniper 12”
Boxwood 8”
Holly 6”

You’ll need enough greenery to make 11 bundles. We did the math and it takes 33 juniper, 44 boxwood and 22 holly to complete this wreath.

You will need to hydrate the greenery to add longevity to your wreath,
There are a couple of ways to do this:

1. Pre Soak the cut greenery stems in
water before assembling

2. Soak the wreath after assembling by placing it in 1-1 1/2 inches of water for a few hours

We’re using the soaking after assembly method.

To make the bundles take 3 juniper stems, 4 boxwood stems and 2 holly stems stacking them in a layered fashion. Once you have the bundle to your liking, take the florist wire, placing it at the back of the bundle, about 1” from the bottom of the stems, take the longest end of the wire over the front of the bundle, back to the back of the bundle, cross both wires over each other, pull tight and twist. Repeat the steps till you have 11 bundles.

To attach the bundles to the wreath frame using the two center lines on the frame to attach to, place the back of the bundle to the frame, then take one end of the wire and loop it around one of the center lines, repeat with the other end of the wire then bring both wire ends over the front of the bundle crossing them, pull tight and twist. Repeat till you have went around the entire frame.

Note: we put two bundles per section.

After assembling all the bundles fluff out branches that may have gotten mashed down in the process. Once completed add a hanger and/or some ribbon, hang and enjoy!

To keep you wreath green and lively be sure to water it 2- 3 times a week. You can unhang it and wet it with the gardening hoes or simply mist it with a spray bottle. I hope this tutorial was helpful and if you have any questions or comments send us a message at

If you would like to purchase greenery, a wreath making kit or an already assembled wreath visit our website at